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Time to Try Restorative Stretch Yoga?


The benefits of Yoga are well documented – and not just by me, although, as you know, I will extol yoga’s benefits to infinity and beyond. Yoga is for everyone, literally. Think you’re too busy, too old, too stiff? You’re not. I promise. There’s a level of Yoga for everyone, from a demanding and exacting workout to more gentle stretching

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All About Yugo Yoga and What We Can Do for You


Hello; I hope you are all well. It’s not been an easy couple of years, has it? How glad we are that happy days are here again: it’s now a year since the beginning of the end of restrictions when shops, salons, cafés, and pubs started to serve (and get the chance to survive) once more. How Have You Been?

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Yugo Yoga for Menopause


As I always say, Yoga is for everyone and it really is never too late to start. The benefits are many; the downsides none. But did you know that Yoga can help you to deal with many tricky aspects of life and health? Yes, Yoga can even help you through the menopause. What IS the Menopause? According to “The menopause is when a

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Is Yoga Good for You? The Very Many Benefits of Yoga


People often tell me they’d “love to try Yoga”. Then they list the reasons why they can’t; or shouldn’t. Maybe they think they’re too busy, too old, too stiff. Others aren’t convinced that Yoga is a ‘proper’ workout. Maybe they just aren’t sure what Yoga can do, what many benefits Yoga brings. Join my class and prepare to be amazed by what Yoga can

Is Yoga Good for You? The Very Many Benefits of Yoga2023-03-01T15:07:13+00:00

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